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Monday, June 19, 2006

Ten Things

Sorry I've been such a slacker...

Requested by Valerie

10 Things I love:

1. Nic
2. Sadie
3. Swimming
4. Ice Cream
5. Crab Cakes
6. All things Irish (especially Irish Dancing)
7. Orchids
8. My ipod
9. Playing the flute
10.Moulin Rouge soundtrack

10 Things I'm fascinated by:

1. The intricacy of the human body, how so many important things happen in such tiny little cells
2. How people can just make up recipes out of nothing and it tastes good
3. Pregnancy
4. How music is composed
5. People who have never eaten fast food
6. The differences between men and women and how they compliment each other so well
7. How puppies grow so fast
8. People who are good at decorating
9. People who can accessorize
10.How every DVD has at least one moment when it pauses for about 1 second

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pictures of Sadie

Here are some pics from the day we brought Sadie home. Then she was probably about 3-4 pounds. Now she is about 6 pounds or so. We have yet to get a GOOD picture of her because she is always on the go and moving it hard to keep her still.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Sadie, Sadie, Pretty Lady

My new puppy is the cutest thing ever! She is so much fun to have around. For those of you who didn't know we got a puppy, check out A Creehan Family for more info. Anyway, I thought I'd leave this post to telling a cute story about her. Every day I come home at lunch time to let her out and let her play for a few minutes. We have been trying to train her on a leash. Well she is not too fond of the leash and prefers to play with it instead. So I decided to sit down on our patio step while she proceeded to bite the leash, pull on it, and run away with it in her mouth (it is one of those retractable one's). I figured she was doing this as her way of saying "Mom I hate this thing, I want to take it off. " So I uncliped it from her collar. She didn't realize this because she was still biting on it. She then proceeded to continue to run away with it, this time when she let go it came quickly back to me. She thought this was a fun game so she would run back to me, grab it, run away, and let go again. Anyway, this may be a long post just to tell this story, but it was really cute and fun to see her figure out the game.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Kiss me I'm Irish

Happy St. Patty's Day to all!! This is a fun holiday for Nic and our family since we love to cling to our Irish roots. Last year I decided I wanted to start a tradition of always having sheppard's pie on St. Patty's Day. Last year I acutally made it with the traditional lamb, however, I didn't really care for it. So this year my plan was to make it with ground beef. However, I currently don't have any of the ingredients so I'd have to go to the store and buy them. Well, since we actually have a life this year and we are planning to go out, I have decided not to make it. So much for a tradition :) Maybe I'll start the tradition next year?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I'm Sorry!! I'm becoming one of "those" people. You know who I'm talking about...the people who only update their blogs every month. I truly am sorry I really haven't been on the internet too much lately. I am even behind on reading other people's blogs.
So what have I been doing? Well there's a few thing:

1.) Last week I was sick and feeling crummy
2.) I've been somewhat studying for a test I hope to take in September
3.) I am now involved in the Worship Ensemble at my church (this requires my practicing my flute regularly so that I don't sound awful)
4.) Nic's parents came over to see our house and have dinner this past weekend
5.) I finished reading The Two Towers and have moved on to The Return of the King which has been very good. This is probably the biggest reason why I haven't blogged b/c at night when I have time to get on the internet, I'd rather read the book.
6.) I've also being doing a bible study called Believing God by Beth Moore which is awesome and requires my time in the evenings as well.
7.) Lastly I have been just hanging out spending some Quality Time with my hubby :)

So there you have it these are the reasons I have slacked in my updating you on the goings on of Kate. And if any of you are intersted, Nic has now made a blog for the goings on of "a new Creehan family" (that's us) which just gives some updates on what we are up to.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Two Tube Toothpaste

We are down to the bottom of a tube of toothpaste that we bought recently. It's one of those kinds with the dual action stuff. So there is really two tubes of different kinds of paste within the one tube. Or maybe ther is 4 tubes inside the one tube because they come out of 4 different holes. Anyways....The blue color is supposed to be fore cleaning while the white is for whitening. Well now that it is down to the bottom of the tube, it is hard to get the right proportion (if any proportion at all...sometimes only one kind will come out) to come out of the tube. Nic expressed this dislike of these kinds of toothpaste as soon as we opened this one. But I just said, Oh it's no big deal! But now I totally see where he's coming from, how can you get good clean teeth if only the whitening paste comes out!!! So to all of you I recommend not getting the dual tube toothpaste in you brushing futures!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Is anyone watching the olympics? I've watched it a few times. My favorites are the pairs skating, luge, and speed skating. I haven't seen the skeleton but that seems really neat. Do you have any favorites?